From a restaurant on Vieques, Puerto Rico



 Women are known to be inspirations for poets.
Here's a couple of my most important ones. 
Another should not be revealed to the public.
And some of the poetry they inspired.


This man is another inspiration, for my writing and my life.

No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.- ALAN WATTS



I’ve been wishing, hoping and praying
That the day would soon arrive
When someone just like me
Would make me come alive.

We’ve know all our lives
There’d come a time
When we’d meet, and
Our hearts and souls entwine.

That time certainly appears
To have made its way
Through our doubts and fears,
And brought a new day. 

This is the day we’ve been waiting for;
This is the day for which we were born.
Could we ever hope for any more
From eternity to be torn…

Just for us?


Evening has come
The sun is going down;
Serene is home 
With silence coming down.

What is a better life?
A roof over my head,
Two children and a wife
To love 'til I'm dead.

Home is peace and love;
Who is he with the plan
For a better life above?
Life's gift is BEING A MAN! 



Flashing figures in the night,
Captured in a ring of light.
Sounds of life sing from their lips.
Conceived in their souls, amplified by sips
Of wine from the goatskin
Being passed around.  It's empty again.

Boys passing the skins after girls fill them;
Strings, drums and flutes moving them;
Living the freedom which is their right,
Sounds of joy blend with the silence of night. 
Songs of love and songs of life
Warm the night's cold like a wife. 

Dancing and singing, joy is their gift
To the power of the universe which lets them drift
Through life; loving life, not thinking twice
Of the so-called luxuries that make life nice.

Life is not good; life is not bad;
Life is all that's left to be had. 
Living it, being it, loving it, too;
Listen to the universe; it's talking to you.

Move with the rhythm; sing its rhyme,
Now one with the universe and time.
The rhythm is eternal; time is always,
No more minutes, hours or days.


Thinking new thoughts,
Mostly about you… and me.
In a new world of feelings
That just won’t let me be 
That same old person I was
Before meeting you. 

Hunting words to express the
Love, peace, joy and happiness
That has invaded my world,
My heart, my soul, my being. 
Feeling it all in a simple caress
Of your hand across my face. 

All of it just seems to flow
From one to the other whenever
Our eyes meet, and words unneeded
To envelope us in a sea of emotions
Which (I believe) neither have ever
Swam in nor watched the sun set over. 

As immeasurable as the vast Creation;
As tangible as we are to one another;
As encompassing as the spreading daybreak;
As invasive as the smell of incense;
As breathtaking as a mountain vista;
A perfect expression of the work of Creation.

As pleasurable as a gentle breeze
Cooling the heat of a hot summer day;
Or of passions rising and ebbing
With a touch of hand or eyes. 
Even when you’re far away
You’ve never been so close to my being.