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Residing in a location that comprises sectors of three distinct counties and three unique zip codes within Virginia, and, with a minimal extension, includes portions of North Carolina and Tennessee; I've approximated the geographical scope of this community: Marking it from Beartree Campground on US 58 to the border of Grayson County on Laurel Valley Road, east to west, as 11 miles, and from Iron Mountain Trail located on Route 600 to the boundary with North Carolina, north to South, as 15 miles. This covers an estimated 165 square miles. We invite you to expand these set boundaries. Contributions, suggestions, and constructive critique from those residing within, or closely connected to this area, are most welcome!


Let's Talk About It!

This website marks the Genisis of a hub, a central point for our dynamic community to converse on nearly any topic that sparks our curiosity. We anticipate incorporating a blog for swift interaction and feedback. This website operates on an established 'business' platform that could provide added advantages. We're seeking active participants and moderators for both the website and blog to maintain a civilized environment. 

 It is mostly about living life in a safe, clean, caring environment.